President of the Center Prof. Ralf Senner

"The robotic is a high technology which, help/support the surgeon to the special complexe, difficult and very difficult situations during the surgery, reaching better results!

We are getting the value of the robotic surgery of it, how much better we can trait our patients in case of high risk situation"…

Rome, 2019/September

We have a large experience in this field and are since 2000 international active

our 18 years robotic bariatric surgery international experience... started 2000 in Munich (Germany) and continuing to Italy

Evolution of surgery techniques

3DHD-visualatiison of the surgical field > High work ergonomics > Less invasive > Computer assited stapling > Stapling controll low complications rate > Simultaneous 4 arms surgery

In the last 18 years we accompanied this evolution in our centers in Munich, Zürich, St. Petersburg

Robotic Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery
Open Surgery

Center specialities:

Interdisciplinary diagnostic, indication, follow up, risk management

Bariatric/Metabolic Robotic Surgery / Complications Surgery after Bariatric Surgery / Plastic Surgery

Management of complications

Center of robotic surgery for bilateral inguinal hernia
post incisional abdominal hernia

Center of robotic surgery for gastro esophageal reflux disease


The 18 years robotic surgery experience...
is the history of our European Center

Prof. Senner founded in 2000 the Munich Robotic Surgery Clinic
AESOP 3000
Da Vinci Si
...and since 2000 until now he got a large experience by working with all the robot systems

Our philosophy:
Fully robotic surgery versus conventional laparoscopy

The stapler with feedback, the fist using for bariatric surgery in Europe

Live Surgery Event, Zürich 2016

Prof. Dr. Ralf Senner
Bariatric News / April 25, 2016 - Swiss Medical Tribune / May 20, 2016

Our experience confirm the high work ergonomics of the 4 arms da Vinci technology

The robotic EndoWrist Instruments, by 7 degrees of movement and flexibility like a human hand, allowing a high performance and complex surgery, breaking any limits of conventional laparoscopy

  1. Surgical comfort / less invasive tissue manipulation / high precise difficult surgery / short dissection /surgery time
  2. Gently 90 degrees variable grasping > tension free versus conventional laparoscopy > oblique high tension grasping
  3. Tension free preparation / in small places / no grasping injuries (hematoma, dilacerations serosa, subserosa)
  4. Easy suturing (left/right hand) - high ergonomic - in difficult anatomical spaces versus conventional laparoscopy
  5. Intuitive Motion > corresponding eye hand instrument > allowing a intuitive instrument control
  6. The surgeons hand movements are scaled, filtered and seamlessly translated to the robotic EndoWrist Instruments
Robotic bariatric Surgery
4 arms technique
Intuitive Motion

Robotic assisted surgery... 4 arms technique
Our experience confirm the benefits

447 cases "fully robotic" obesity surgery versus conventional laparoscopy by using of the new da Vinci instruments vessel sealer/stapler with feedback

  • HD, 3D view -> key clinical advantage -> versus conventional laparoscopic surgery
  • Safe stapling processing > stapling control (feedback) / no leaks, no bleeding /less big complications
  • Safe / high precise dissection by using of vessel sealer dissector
  • Endo Wrist instruments > accurate / gently preparation / tension free / less invasive / no organ injuries
  • Less pain > low need of pain killer
  • Earlier patients mobilisation
  • No slow peristalsis post surgery
  • Short stay in the hospital / Easy mobilisation
High work ergonomics by using of:
  • HD, 3D > of 4 arms technique > EndoWrist instruments / advanced technology > stapler with feedback > vessel sealer
    is the provider for a low risk surgery for colorectal / bariatric interventions
The long term of the economicaly impact of a less complications, high precise safe surgery, short hospitalisations / reconvalescence, like robotic surgery versus conventional laparoscopy, will be a significant indicator for any Health Systems. This goal can be reached in a center of excellence

The contribution to the developing of fully robotic surgery

The stapler with feedback, the fist using for bariatric surgery in Europe

Live Surgery Event, Zürich 2016

Prof. Dr. Ralf Senner
Bariatric News / April 25, 2016 - Swiss Medical Tribune / May 20, 2016

The anatomy of obese patients it´s a high risk for conventional laparoscopy... the benefits of such advanced surgery technology will guarantee less complications!

Fat abdominal wal
low trocar mobility
difficult instruments manipulation

High amount of intra-abdominal fat:
small spaces
difficult dissection
different anatomical landmarks
(to the normal weight anatomy)

Big liver/fat liver/hepatomegaly
Big spleen
small place/dificult dissection

High position of His angle/gastric fundus
small place/difficult dissection/high injury risk

We helped many obese patients worldwide to regain their lost identity in Munich, Zürich, Cairo...

Munich, Germany
Before surgery 220 kg
After 14 months post surgery 95 kg
Cairo, Egypt
Before surgery 185 kg
One year post surgery 73 kg
After bariatric robotic surgery you change your life getting happiness

The chance for a better life!

Obesity, a biological body disaster, but´s no reason to resignation can be also one of the many patients in the world which got a new identity

Infertility associated to the obesity
Diabetes type 2 associated to the obesity
Hearth diseasess associated to the obesity
Sleep Apnea associated to the obesity
Erectile dysfunctions associated to the obesity

You will dont need to take insuline, drugs for high blood pressure or to use the CPAP system for the night.
You will get children and be happy with your life partner
our surgery will help you to fight the obesity and its complications, prolonging your life up to 12-15 years!

The successful way to the finally liberation...
we helped many obese patients worldwide: Munich, Zürich, St. Petersburg, Cairo... will get a quality of life, that you have never known before

Your chois for a better life... is a safe surgery

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